Do you know who the great, the one and only Camilo Castagnola is? Aka Jeta? What? Camilo or Jeta Castagnola, originally from la Natividad Polo Club in Canuelas, Argentina. Son of Camila Cambiaso (Sister of the best polo player of all times; Adolfo Cambiaso, and wife of 10 Goaler Lolo Castagnola),  at the age of only 17 years old he is already a superstar in the polo universe.

At this young age, Jeta has played and won some of the most prestigious polo tournaments in the world. With his brother Barto, they won the Gold Cup in England in 2019, in 2020 Camilo reached the finals of the Open de France in Chantilly and of the Gold Cup in UK. To win the biggest trophy of all, Camilo scored the golden goal of the most prestigious tournament in the world, The Queen's Cup!

If you know Lebron James from the Basketball world, Ronaldo or Messi from Football, then this young star is set to be another one of those top tier names coming from the game of Polo. Which is why we are doing a giveaway on the same pair of Krono Polo gloves Jeta Castagnola wore to those events. Keep reading to gather more details on these Krono Polo gloves and how to enter. 

The Krono polo gloves are made with high quality materials, on top of, influenced and accomplished by us and some of the best polo players in the world. They are made to fit your hands perfectly as if you were wearing another layer of skin on top, which makes them extremely comfortable and loved by those who want to feel the polo mallet in their hand, without losing the grip.

These Polo gloves are made of a high tech synthetic fabric, giving you the best feel and grip possible with the polo mallet or the reigns. When the weather is feeling harsh and making everything wet, the Krono Polo gloves act like a supernatural power of giving you grip under water which is perfect for when you are playing chukkas or a the final of the Queen's Cup as you will need to hold on tight to your mallet.

The Krono polo gloves equal the perfect option for sport or outdoors in any type of weather condition. Along the surface of these Krono Polo gloves are velcro bands to lock your hand in place to fit in smoothly whilst still letting you use your hands in different conditions. The nice part for people with skin care attributes is that these polo gloves also prevent small cuts and blisters, and that is due to the advanced technology that goes into making them and the double Velcro material for that secures hand especially under wet circumstances. The polo gloves technology is not just focused on one part of the gloves, but rather the whole item. The Krono gloves are carefully embedded with a very durable synthetic leather with a smooth suede finish and a mesh top in various colours that allows them to be breathable favoring a stretch like material to fit fluidly.

Tell me, what other brand can provide you with better qualities than the Krono gloves? The answer is simple. None. But also, why wouldn’t you want to wear the same Polo gloves as Jeta who has won some of the most prestigious tournaments in the world at the age of 17 only?

The way to enter this give away is with these easy simple steps:

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3. Tag us and hashtag #kronopolo

Our promo rules:

- No Exchanges/Returns, All Promo Orders are Final

- Code is valid until the end of October 2020

- Gloves Colours are subject to availability 

- Participants must pay Shipping & Handling

- Once received please post and tag us to promote future giveaways. 

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